We believe that tea should be better – not complicated or weird, but better. That's why our teas are the ones that you know and love, but we produce them using handpicked, rolled, whole leaf tea. So whether it’s your everyday Breakfast with milk, or your need for periodic metabolic boost, they should taste better than ever before.


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R R Foods Group is an expanding avenue with a captained amalgamation of companies established since 1980. Since inception the vision was guided with an objective to become one of the largest suppliers of variants of Tea under the Brand Name of "Red Rose" and Green Tea products under the Brand name of “Rinkup” in India.

The company was incepted with a new dimension to trading and supply with credible client relation management, extended supply chain management along with effective and attentive communication. The company was formulated with dynamic and young entrepreneur along with strong legacy of vast experience in the field of the National Drink of India - Tea.


Our Products

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25 Tea Bags

Our Cup of Tea - We work on classic blends and do them how they should be done. It’s not a rocket science.


50 Tea Bags

It’s Good – We’re always blending the right quality to the right quantity so as to produce a consistently fresher tasting cup of tea.

Flavoured Whole Leaf Tea

You’ve Got to Roll with it – We only ever use 100% orthodox tea leaves meaning our leaves are gently rolled and cut, persevering the stuff you need for a tasty cup of tea.


Darjeeling Tea

Proper Cup of Tea – By keeping it simple and looking after the details we think we’re on to something. Don’t just take our word for it – Try and let us know what you think.


Organic Green Tea

Brew Up – Tea Temperature, brew time and cup size – it all makes a difference so we stick it right there on the pack to help you make the best possible cup of tea.


Whole Leaf Tea

Right in Every sense – Cups are getting bigger and tea bags are getting smaller – not a recipe for a tasty cup of tea. That’s why we put more tea in our bags to get it Right every time.